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Our company offers you cooperation in solving the most diverse and complex tasks related to manufacturing process equipment!
We can manufacture blades for chemical, steam and gas turbines with blade sizes from 20 mm to 770 mm, centrifugal wheels up to 1200 mm, mono wheels, dies, molds, and other complex parts. There is also a great positive experience in the manufacture of rotors in assembly or other stator units for turbines.
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We have the opportunity to develop, manufacture and perform commissioning works on steam turbines of low power, operating on recycled gases and overpressure with steam. The above-mentioned low-power turbines serve to generate electricity for the needs of the enterprise.
The company employs highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in the development of design and technological documentation with the introduction of it into production. The machine park is serviced by operators and machine operators of the 5th and 6th grades with extensive experience in finishing, which makes it possible to perform the tasks of any complexity.
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